Robo-Calls - The Voice Version of Email SPAM

We are all getting more and more robo-calls, scam artists and other unwanted calls on our mobile phones. e.g. The voice version of SPAM. And the problem is getting worse. In the e-mail world we have had to deal with this for years. Over 70% of all emails sent over the internet are considered SPAM. Fortunately e-mail SPAM filter technology, such as that used by GPD, block most of it. In the voice world however such filtering technologies are still immature and just now moving to the main stream. To combat the seemingly epidemic volume of spam callers in the U.S., the nation's four major wireless carriers have been trying out new methods to reduce the number of unsolicited calls Americans receive each day. Some have built technology like spoofed call blockers into their networks, so there's nothing you would even have to install. Others have taken a more passive approach, requiring you to download an app if you want to put a dent in the number of annoying calls you receive. Here is a quick summary for your consideration. For more details, check with your specific provider.

If you want more information about robo-call prevention, contact your phone service provider.