Top Ten Riskiest Employee Behaviors

Are you staying secure? Here's ten of the riskiest things employees can do in regards to cyber-security (what not to do!):

  1. Using personal devices to connect the BW network:
    If you've been provided a BW device, always use it while on campus, instead of using your own personal devices.

  2. Sharing passwords with others:
    Never share passwords with others, even IT personnel.

  3. Using the same username and password for websites and online accounts:
    Varying your usernames and passwords between different websites helps to prevent attackers from gaining access to multiple accounts with credentials they acquired for one account.

  4. Using USB devices that have not been encrypted to store confidential data:
    Always encrypt USB devices that are used to store confidential data. This ensures that no sensitive data can be recovered by unauthorized people if the USB device is lost or stolen.

  5. Failing to delete unnecessary but confidential files:
    If confidential data is no longer necessary to store, it must be deleted. Failure to do so can lead to unauthorized access to confidential data, and the confidential data can become a liability.

  6. Not using privacy screens when working remotely on confidential data:
    If you are required to work with confidential data while off campus, it is important to use privacy screen covers to prevent someone from looking at the data over your shoulder (shoulder surfing).

  7. Accessing the Internet via unsecured networks while working:
    Using unsecured networks to conduct work operations is an immense liability, as data can be stolen.

  8. Failing to notify after losing USB devices with confidential data:
    Losing a USB device storing confidential data is an important issue, and must be reported to a supervisor or IT immediately.

  9. Leaving devices unattended when away from the workplace:
    Unattended devices can be accessed by unauthorized individuals, which presents a significant danger to both your and BW's data.

  10. Carrying unnecessary confidential data on devices while traveling:
    Bringing unnecessary confidential data with you while traveling only adds another vulnerability to the already less secure state of working abroad.